Completion of construction – 28 Mar.

Has become!
It’s official -> after last week’s inspection of Construction Supervision -> today PINB issued a decision allowing the use of our new headquarters 🥳
After a positive inspection report, last weekend we celebrated the beginning of a new stage on our professional path with the group of people associated with BRAMY-SERWIS.
Thank you to everyone involved in this project!
Now all that’s left is (or as much as) the transfer of our possessions developed over almost 16 years of operation.

Construction progress – 20 Feb.

As we promised earlier – we waited with this post until the construction was completed and the facility was submitted for acceptance.
On February 9, we reported our new headquarters for acceptance. Inside, only the furniture is left to be delivered.

We’ll let you know when we’re done with acceptance and start moving.

Construction progress – 25 Nov.

Inside: the balustrades on the staircase are finished. On the first floor, the last preparations of interior finishing before the carpenter enters – the floors are ready, we only install Flor-boxes. On the ground floor: tiles in all rooms made, mirrors installed, shelving appeared in the warehouse of small spare parts. We start to take care of cleanliness – washing windows, floors, doors, etc.

Outside: installed weather stations, programmed elevation blinds, poured foundation for the entrance barrier.

Our new purchase was also delivered: a 4-way reach truck, which will move between the cantilever racks in the hall, arranging refurbished high-speed doors for our customers.

We hope that the next post will inform about the investment submission for technical acceptance 😉

Construction progress – 21 Oct.

Inside: 90% of lighting fittings installed, white assembly finished on the first floor; air conditioning and heating: the systems have been flooded with glycol, the automation and the heat pump are being put into operation; interior finishing: glaziers installed the mezzanine railing posts, the walls on the first floor turned green, the ceiling became spacious; on the ground floor, the finishing worker has made plasterboard constructions and is actively laying tiles; in the hall: the mezzanine has been completed, the air handling unit has been put into operation, the heaters are being put into operation
Outside: a lightning protection system has been installed
Today we have received the approved replacement project from the Starosty and we are organizing racks for the small spare parts warehouse
A little more… there is a great chance for Christmas in our new headquarters!

Construction progress – 9 Sep.

Inside: the installation of internal doors has been completed, electricians have started installing lamps, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning are at the final stage, first devices appear in the server room, the floor is already tiled, some rooms are painted; a mezzanine is installed in the hall and a lighting installation has been made.
Outside: external lighting has been installed, rubble has been removed, and a heat pump has been installed.

Construction progress – 8 Aug.

Inside: electricians finished equipping and wiring switchboards in the brick part, they made cable routes in the hall, distributed power supply and made lighting for the workshop and storage part; the stonemason made a staircase; finishing works on the first floor moved to the stage of filling the walls; the assembly of the mezzanine began in the hall today; the installation of mechanical ventilation and heating in the hall is being completed.
Outside: the distribution of the lightning protection earth electrode has been completed, power cables for external lamps have been distributed, the so-called “sparrows” around the entire facade.

Construction progress – 30 Jul.

Inside: the floors have been finished; the engine room has started the process of technical equipment, the air handling unit has been installed, the contractor continues to distribute the ducts; the wall between the hall and the brick building was plastered; internal window sills are embedded; the assembly of the joinery has started; electricians have started work on smaller switching stations.
Exterior: façade works completed; the distribution of rainwater drainage is completed.

Construction progress – 10 Jul.

Inside: internal plasters finished, underfloor heating pipes laid, mechanical ventilation ducts in progress, main electrical switchboard installed, passages through the fire wall secured, we are finishing insulation of the wall between the hall and the brick building, this morning the end flooring team came in.
Outside: the façade is 80% made, the paving stones are finished.

Construction progress – 5 May

Inside: horizontal insulation of the first floor is completed, fire gates have been installed, this week we plan to finish internal plastering.
Outside: we have started thermal insulation of the office building and paving works.

Construction progress – 26 Apr

The flush-mounted technical installations are completed, we go with the plaster to the ground floor. Installation of facade windows and blinds is completed. Sectional doors and exterior doors fitted. This week, we are starting the horizontal insulation of the floor and completing the installation of the central vacuum cleaner. Outside, the area has been carved for paving stones, we have arranged a lightning protection – rim, distribution channels for cabling and drainage of water from gutters. We can’t wait for the pavers to start working. Despite some minor problems, we stick to the assumed action plan!