Construction progress – 7 Apr

Electrical installation of the floor is being completed, water installation and sewage system as well -> today we start plastering the floor, our first new electronics workshop, which will extend the expansion of services for regeneration of drivers for high-speed gates [ ]

Construction progress – 9 Mar

Looking at the sky and the traffic on our site, it can be said that TODAY is the spring solstice. A lot is happening. In total, today several dozen people are working on the construction of our headquarters. The assembly company is slowly finishing installing normal windows, there will remain to be facades to be made. The team of the General Contractor dug the septic tank in the morning, now it is insulating the roof of the office building. The air-conditioning company installs the condensate drains. And in the large hall, horizontal insulation was made in the morning and pears with concrete begin to slide down – we pour the final industrial floor.

Construction progress – 2 Feb

Flooded roof. We are finishing building partition walls on the ground floor. The hall at the stage of finishing works – planks, gutters, etc.

Construction progress – 18 Jan

The load-bearing walls of the brick building are finished. Tomorrow the ceilings arrive on the roof. Today, we install roof panels in the hall. We are rapidly approaching the open shell.

Construction progress – 23 Dec

The walls on the first floor are going up!
We are finishing works on the steel construction.
And with such beautiful weather, we wish everyone a Healthy and Peaceful Christmas!

Construction progress – 14 Dec

Snowfall and light frosts have delayed us slightly, but we are continuing without interruption! We are assembling the steel structure and the sandwich panel is already on site and will be installed as soon as the structure is assembled.

Today the Construction Manager will verify the correctness of the ceiling reinforcement, the team will form the stairs and tomorrow the concrete will arrive again and we will pour!

Construction progress – 29 Nov

The walls are coming up!

The first ceilings are arriving this week. In December we start assembling the steel structure of the hall.

Construction progress – 15 Nov

The last two weeks at Popowo have seen the completion of ground zero and the construction of a 40kW photovoltaic farm.

Thanks to this part of the investment we will reduce to a minimum the production of CO2 to the atmosphere (heating of the property will be powered by an air heat pump with a capacity of 25kW). We meet the assumptions of “Environmentally Friendly Technologies” thanks to the support of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Information meeting for local media

We held an information meeting for local media. We acquainted the guests with Norwegian and EEA funds, presented the assumptions and schedule of the construction. The project’s operator is the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Construction progress – 27 Oct

The building blocks for the brick part are already in place. We are currently constructing the foundation walls for the hall. The team has also started damp insulation.